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CHTA (China Hospitality Technology Alliance ) is a Non profit organisation aiming to connect Chinese and Western communities from travel and hospitality technology perspectives, yet, to promote the value of technology innovation as far as biz transformation is concerned , the industry future talents and leadership development are also something close to our heart....CHTA ever since launched in 2012, has been fully supported by numerous volunteers from both members and non members across the world .

CHTA clearly has a responsibility to help western technologies and products to be able to roll out in China market which can serve both international hotel chains and local Chinese chains, and at a cost effective way.
In view of the current situation of China local hospitality technology industry and vendors development, CHTA takes industry technology standardization as own compelling obligation. CHTA is working very closely with Government technology department, Industry technology leaders to set the standard rules for the industry.
CHTA is offering the Product Certification Program with the support of Government authority, As such both Western technologies and Chinese technologies vendors can be more effectively meeting the hotels' biz requirement meanwhile Hotel groups not only international's but also Chinese chains can have much more choices in terms of cost effective and value for Money.
CHTA takes education as the important value of the organization. We will provide all kinds of course and study chance for members who have such requirement to help them improving professional knowledge and practice capability, and CHTA also offering prophase guideline to new hotel preopening task force etc, CHTA targets to build a distinctive education plan for all members.
CHTA will help international hotel groups who are extending to China market to quickly understand and learn local policies and regulations, and to help them on government required product certification and development therefore to avoid long curve of learning process. Meanwhile, CHTA's international vision and resource will support Chinese hotel chains who are to go internationally to understand the policy and regulation oversea.


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