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CHTA Disruptive 2018

Connecting Travellers 未来旅行者大会




过去5年,CHTA聚集了超过300位演讲嘉宾,数百家全球极具代表性的创新企业。CHTA Disruptive已然成为国内大旅游业风头正劲的带有全球化、跨界、时尚标签的大会。

CHTA Disruptive 2018以“未来旅行者”为主题,我们将打造出全新的“食住行玩娱”场景,无论你处于大旅游行业的哪一个链条,在这里我们将帮你实现品牌价值传播,供应需求落地、连接未来……



在这里,逾千家全球知名酒管集团、旅宿业大佬、资本方(业主和投资人)、科技创新企业、主流媒体等C level高管和创始人将躬逢胜饯,共话未来。同时,还将通过直播平台,与全球志同道合之士同步精彩!

CHTA Disruptive 2018未来旅行者大会,522-24日,相约中国深圳,未来就在你眼前!


Over the past five years, CHTA has invited over 300 speech guests and hundreds of representative innovation enterprises across the world. CHTA Disruptive has become a conference with labels of globalization, cross-over and fashion for dynamic great tourism in China

Themed by “future traveller”, CHTA Disruptive 2018 will create brand-new scenarios of food, accomodation, transportation, tour and entertainment. No matter which chain of the great tourism you are in, we will help you with the brand value communication, supply and demand match based on an insight into the future.

Technology remains to be one of the highlights of this event. Various characteristic exhibition areas will be set up for AI, hardware&IoT, mobile travel, VR/AR, 3D printing, wearable technology, smart city and trendy technology.

CHTA talks will cover a variety of topics including in-depth applications of blockchain in different travel scenarios, the realization of smart services based on the cloud and big data in the ecologiocal chain of tourism, provision of innovative cross-over services in sharing economy, tour business and marketing strategy, privacy security, combination between industry and finance, new species…

We will have C-level officers and founders coming from over a thousand famous global hospitality management groups, accomodation tycoons, capital providers (owner and investors), innovative technology companies, mainstream media gathering together to look forward to the future. We wil also broadcast the event via live streaming platforms to show the wonderful event to the world at the same time.

CHTA Disruptive 2018 Future Traveller Conference will be held from 22th May to 24th May in Shenzhen China. Welcome to see what our future is like in CHTA Disruptive 2018!


展会地点 Venue深圳前海华侨城JW万豪酒店
                                          JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Baoan

日程安排 Brief Agenda

522日: 18:00-21:00   Opening Ceremony

523日: 06:00-07:00   CHTA RUN

523日: 09:00-17:30   Exhibition Open

523日: 09:30-11:30   CHTAtalks

523日: 13:30-17:00   CHTAtalks

524日: 09:00-17:30   Exhibition Open

524日: 09:30-11:30   CHTAtalks

524日: 13:30-15:30   CHTAtalks

524日: 15:30-17:30   CHTA Disruptive Awards Ceremony


热点话题 Hot Topic

 未来旅行 The new travel era
Hotel Year Book 2036
 区块链将如何改变旅游业 Blockchain in Travel
 无所不在的人工智能 AI 2.0
 投资创新与未来 Investing Disruption
 CHTA 颠覆式创新大奖 CHTA Disruptive Awards Ceremony



展品范围 Exhibition Scope


- 商务及会议Business &MICE

- 娱乐休闲Family &Leisure

民宿及共享住宿B&B and Sharing Accommodation

- 经济型酒店Budgetary Hotel

体验旅行Tour Management

- 探险旅游Adventure Travel

- 文化旅游Culture Travel

- 健康旅行 Wellbeing Travel

美食旅行 Local Travel


- 航空Airlines

- 租车Car Renting

- 共享出行Sharing Transportation

旅行模式Travel Life-style

- 社交媒体Social Media

旅行时尚Travel Fashion

- 绿色出行Green Travel

- 旅行购物Travel Shopping

- 体育旅行 Sports Travel

数字化旅行Digitalization Travel

- 区块链Block Chain

- 物联网IOT

- 人工智能AI

- 虚拟现实/增强现实VR/AR

- 数字化转型Digital Transformation




酒店、旅游及出行Hospitality& Travel

酒店管理服务/咨询顾问 Hospitality Management Service/Consultancy

酒店/度假村 Hotel/Resort

服务式公寓 Serviced Apartment

乡村俱乐部 Country Club

民宿 B&B

汽车/航空/游轮/铁路运营商 Car/Airline/Cruise/Rail Operator

主题公园/景点运营商 Theme Park/Attraction Operator

 水疗康体/健身中心 Spa and wellness/Fitness Centre

旅行社 Travel Agency



学术/培训机构Academic/Training Institution and

活动承办商 Event Organizer

政府机构 Government Agency

信息科技/电信 IT/Telecoms

媒体 Media

行业协会 Trade Association

CHTA 荣誉白金会员
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