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桌面展览 Tabletop Exhibits



Using our Tabletop Exhibits service, you can present your company and products to our hotel audience consisting of hotel GMs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and other senior staff.


价格(Exhibit Pricing):RMB 25,000

l  会议赞助商可享受如上价格的五折优惠!

    Event sponsors enjoy 50% discount of above price!

l  CHTA会员享受如上价格的8折优惠!

    CHTA Corporate Members enjoy 20% off discount of above prices

l  2016930日前完成付款,享受如上价格的8折优惠!

    Apply to be the exhibitor and finish the payment before Sep 30 enjoy 20% off discount of above prices


定价包括(pricing include):

l  两个免费参会名额(含展台工作人员,该条不适用于以半价价格购买展台的会议赞助商)

Two free conference registrationincluding people looking after the booththis item is not apply to sponsors who purchased table exhibit at the half price

l  一个宽3米、深2米,高3米的宣传空间,两把椅子,一张1.8米、宽0.7米的铺有桌布的展桌,无线互联网接入及一个电源插座

A market space with 3 meters wide, 2 meters deep, and 3 meters high; two chairs; a 1.8 meters length by 0.7 meters wide skirted table; wireless internet access and one electrical outlet.

l   CHTA活动官网上显示展商公司logo

Exhibitor Company Logo will be showed on CHTA event web site.

l  参会人员姓名、公司、职位信息

Conference attendee list of names, companies and titles (due to privacy policy, we are unable to provide e-mail address)



1、  展区位于酒店宴会厅的序厅,是一开放区域,因此展台无人看守时请自行带走贵重物品。

Exhibits will be located in a wide hallway surrounding the ballroom. No security will be provided; valuables shall be removed when unattended.

2、  会务组提供桌子和椅子可以布放在您的展位内,或是按照您的要求撤走它。请务必将您所有的展示物品摆放在您的展区内。

The skirted table and two banquet chairs provided can either be placed within your market space or remove at your request. All materials and your exhibit staff must fit within your assigned space.

3、  会务组不提供存储空间,会议期间,所有需要存放的资料请放在视线不可及区域。

No storage will be provided for cartons or materials during the event. All storage materials must be out of sight during exhibit hours.

4、  会务组不提供您展区的指示牌。

No signage will be provided for your exhibit area.

5、  会务组提供220伏电源。如果您需要使用超过500瓦的电子设备,请邮件方式通知会务组:chta@chta.com.cn

220v electric service will be provided. If you plan to use any electrical device requiring more than 500 watts, please let us know via e-mail at chta@chta.com.cn.

6、  会务组将提供无线互联网接入。如果需要提供有线或有质量保证的互联网服务,请邮件联系会务组chta@chta.com.cn,我们将为您提供报价。互联网专线需要提前一个月申请。

Wireless internet service will be provided. If wired service or committed quality of service is required, please contact CHTA staff at chta@chta.com.cn for pricing. If you require dedicated internet line, need to apply it one month advance.

7、  如果您公司代表没有在会议开始前布置好展位,会务组将会把您展区内的桌子和椅子撤走,当天会议结束您才可以搭建。

If the representatives from your company have not set up your exhibit space 30 minutes before the start of the meeting, the tables and chairs will be removed from your space. You will only be able to set up your exhibit area after the meeting that day.

8、  布撤展时间 Booth Setup & Dismantlement

Setup Time2 Nov from 8pm to 12pm, will notify exhibitors if could setup earlier

Dismantlement Timeafter 7pm on Nov 4


展桌位置图(Tabletop Location)

请用数字1-10选择您希望的展桌位置, 展桌位置图具体如下:

Please select your preferred tabletop exhibit location by numbering from “1” to “10”, tabletop location is as below:



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